10 kW Off Grid Solar System

Load – 10000 W

Performance Warranty – 25 Years

5 8 kW Off Grid Solar System


A 10 kW solar system is designed to meet large power demand from solar in order to run offices, commercial stores, and industries without relying on government power. It uses solar power to create 50 kWh/units per day, has batteries to give power at night, and can store up to 10,000 watts of electricity.

Every day, 50 units are produced.

Installation was required on a 1,000-square-foot rooftop space.

Return on investment in 5 years with a monthly savings of 1500 kWh.

PCU Model – 10 kva (WEM10000/120V)

Lead Acid Battery – 10 x 12V/200 AH

Solar Panel – 20 x 24 V/445 Watt Mono-PERC


Inverter : 2 Years from the date of Invoice

Solar Panel : Limited  Warranty ( 25 Years)

Battery : 5 Years from the date of Invoice

Technical Specifications

Inverter Model –WEM 10000 / 120V
Peak load handing (AC side) –10000 Watts
Efficiency –Inverter – 97%, Module > 20%
Module Type –Mono-PERC
Battery Included –Yes

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