About Us

About Us

Welcome to M/s Khushi Electrical – RNS Solar, the most trusted source of end to end Solar Products and Executor of Solar EPC Projects for Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, Ware Houses, Residential and OPEX Projects. We cater to the needs of Government, Semi-Government, Local Government, Private and Individual customers 

RNS Solar is dedicated to giving you the very best range of end to end Solar Products and most efficient & effective execution of Solar EPC Projects on PAN basis, with focus on four characteristics, viz Reliability, Customer Centric, Quality Products & Services, and Post Sales Services.

To meet the varied needs and expectations of multi segment customers – RNS Solar has got associated with the reputed OEMs. 

M/s Khushi Electrical – RNS Solar, has a very competent and highly experienced team to ensure customer delight, in whatever we offer and execute for our valued customers. 

We at Khushi Electrical – RNS Solar, are very much pro to accept customer feedback and work on those relentlessly to provide better and better services to our customers, 

Should you have any point, feedback, question or the like – please feel free to share with us and we will accept those in high end important area to ponder on and to act on.

RNS Solar Core Team Members:

About Us
About Us
About Us

RNS Solar

We cater to the needs of all segments of Customers in the Renewable Energy Domain

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Rooftop Project
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