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Be the Leader in Solar Business, Providing end to end customised Solar Solution which gives Economics of Scale to all segments of end useres.

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Welcome to M/s Khushi Electrical – RNS Solar, the most trusted source of end to end Solar Products and Executor of Solar EPC Projects for Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, Ware Houses, Residential and OPEX Projects. We cater to the needs of Government, Semi-Government, Local Government, Private and Individual customers

RNS Solar is dedicated to giving you the very best range of end to end Solar Products and most efficient & effective execution of Solar EPC Projects on PAN basis, with focus on four characteristics, viz Reliability, Customer Centric, Quality Products & Services, and Post Sales Services. reade more….

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RNS Solar

We cater to the needs of all segments of Customers in the Renewable Energy Domain

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Rooftop Project
Rooftop Project

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India’s Policy on Solar Energy

India’s Policy on Solar Energy

Are we aware of India’s Policy on Solar Energy? The Indian Government has targeted for 100 GW installed Capacity of Solar Energy by 2022. In order to achieve this target, the Government has announced several Policies to promote Solar Energy The target of the...

Give Life to Your Business – Install Solar Systems

Give Life to Your Business – Install Solar Systems

Solar Systems Solar System goes without saying that Energy constitutes a major expense for factories for powering small, medium, and large amounts of equipment, heating, and cooling large spaces, besides ensuring proper lighting throughout their facilities including...

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