15 kW On Grid Solar System

Load – 15 kW

Performance Warranty – 25 Years

On grid solar system


RNS Solar introduces a 15 kW solar power generating system that employs Mono-PERC, the world’s most advanced solar panel technology.

From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., a 15 kW solar system generates avg. 75 units, which is enough to power numerous air conditioners as well as lighting for a residence, stores, businesses, and factories.

On-Grid Inverter – 15 kva

445 watt Mono – PERC

34 Nos of 445 watt Mono – PERC


On-Grid Inverter: 5 Years from the date of Invoice

Solar Panel : Limited  Warranty ( 25 Years)

Technical Specifications

Inverter –On-Grid
Generation (AC side)Avg. 75 Units a day
Space required –1500 sq. ft.
Module Type –Mono – PERC

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