3 kW Off Grid Solar System

Load – 1000 W

Performance Warranty – 25 Years


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Off grid solar system


The 3 kilowatt off grid solar system is India’s most popular solar system, designed to provide power 24 hours a day, seven days a week in houses, independent floors, villas, and workplaces. It’s a robust solar system that can power everything except two-ton air conditioners.

This solar system is ideal if you want all of your power equipment, such as fans, lights, televisions, and refrigerators, to run on solar rather than grid electricity.

Every day, 15 units are produced.

Installation requires 300 square feet of rooftop space.

With a monthly electricity savings of 4500, the return on investment is 5.5 years.

PCU Model – 3 kva (WEP3750/48V)

Lead Acid Battery – 4 x 12V / 150 Ah

Solar Panel – 10 x 24V / 335 WP


Inverter: 2 Years from the date of Invoice

Solar Panel: Limited  Warranty ( 25 Years)

Battery: 5 Years from the date of Invoice

Technical Specifications

Inverter Model – WEP 3750 / 48V
Peak load handing (AC side) – 3000 Watts
Efficiency – Inverter – 97%, Module > 20%
Module Type – Polycrystalline
Battery Included – Yes

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