5 kW Off Grid Solar System

Load – 5000 W

Performance Warranty – 25 Years

Off grid solar system


A 5-kW solar system is self-sustaining for a home, small office, or store. This 5-kW system from RNS Solar is unusual in that it has a 48 Volt design, is powered by Lead Acid Battery, and has Super High Efficiency 445 panels. This set is made up of some of the world’s most cutting-edge technology items. If you install this system on your roof and do not use air conditioners, you may not need a grid connection.

This solar panel can power everything from multiple lights up to 1000 watts to many celling fans (8-10) and home and kitchen appliances up to 5000 watts, including televisions, refrigerators, water motors, geysers, grinders, juicer machines, and more.

PCU Model – 5 kva (WEM5000/96V)

Lead Acid Battery – 8 x 12V / 150 AH

Solar Panel – 12 x 24 V / 445 WP Mono


Inverter : 2 Years from the date of Invoice

Solar Panel : Limited  Warranty ( 25 Years)

Battery : 5 Years from the date of Invoice

Technical Specifications

Inverter Model – WEM5000 / 96V
Peak load handing (AC side) – 5000 Watts
Efficiency – Inverter – 97%, Module > 20%
Module Type – Mono – PERC
Battery Included – Yes

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