Polycrystalline Solar Panel

335 WP Poly

144 silicon cell

Module EfficiencyNominal Maximum PowerRated VoltageVoltage at Maximum Power

16.63 %

335 W

37.80 V (DC)

37.80 V

100 Wp Solar panel


The 335 watt solar panel is one of the best-rated solar panels, with high-quality ‘A’ grade solar cells and ultra-clear tempered glasses that are not easily broken. It can work effectively even in low light and cloudy conditions. Our 335-watt 12V / 24V solar PV module includes an IP 65 back side junction box.

  • 144 Silicon Polycrystalline Cell
  • Increased power output and lower BOS cost
  • Anodized aluminium alloy 35 mm thick: Superior protection
  • Mounting holes are reserved for ease of installation.
  • Weatherproof IP65 PPO enclosure with bypass diodes
  • Improved heat dissipation, increased safety
  • Simplified wire fix: Reduced cable length
  • Reduced cable energy loss
  • 3.2 / 4.0 mm Tempered & Low Iron Glass


Product Warranty: 10 Years

Power Output Warranty of 25 Years

Technical Specifications

Panel Technology –Polycrystalline
Operating Voltage –24 Volt
Output Power –335 Watts
Open Circuit Voltage –46.85 Volt
Short Circuit Current –9.30 Amps

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