Solar Systems

Solar System goes without saying that Energy constitutes a major expense for factories for powering small, medium, and large amounts of equipment, heating, and cooling large spaces, besides ensuring proper lighting throughout their facilities including Offices and other establishments. For example in the Iron & Steel Industries cost of power may go as much as 35% of production cost. To uncover this cost component, many Industries carry out Energy Audit to understand and take measures to reduce the cost of power.

One study of 2020 suggested that on average Micro, Small, and Medium Industries, the spending pattern on electricity is as follows:

Business sizeAverage annual usage (kWh)Average price (per kWh)
Micro business5,000 – 15,00014.4p – 15.9p
Small business15,000 – 25,00014.3p – 15.1p
Medium business25,000 – 50,00014.3p – 14.7p

Another study suggests that the largest consumers of electricity are primary metal (40.5%), followed by paper (21.5%), and followed by chemical (11.2%), food (5.1%), and wood product (4.1%) manufacturers, accounting for 82.4% of the total electricity consumed in the production process

Given the above scenario and keeping in view that crises of Non-Renewable Energy sources as mounting up speedily, in addition, it goes without doubt that there might be no scope of getting power at a lesser cost in any future, rather it may go up by lips and bounds.

Now what options are there with the Business Houses to lower the Cost of Production and Services – the answer remains in GOING FOR SOLAR .  Yes, many Business Houses have started appreciating this by SOLAR SYSTEMS INSTALLATION, many are giving thought and there are many who are yet to be aware and appreciate.

Globally SOLAR Systems are very speedily gaining momentum and getting implemented both for business reasons and environmental compliance reasons. In India, both Central and State Governments are striving hard to make aware of and insist to GO FOR SOLAR even formulating several regulatory departments and schemes

Once the Solar Systems are installed, it is for sure that the Business Houses will be able to reduce the Cost of Power more or less to the tune of 70% to 80% depending on certain dimensions and variables. As a result, they will be able to reduce the Cost of Production to gain a competitive edge to ensure sustenance and continued growth in business.

Banks and Financial Institutions are extending Loans & Advances in a different mode to promote and support in going for Solar Systems. Think Global and Act Local – GO FOR SOLAR and give your business life.