Are we aware of India’s Policy on Solar Energy?

The Indian Government has targeted for 100 GW installed Capacity of Solar Energy by 2022. In order to achieve this target, the Government has announced several Policies to promote Solar Energy

The target of the Government of India for Solar Energy by 2030 is 500 GW as India will need to invest $223 billion USD of investment to increase the non-fossil power capacity by 500 GW

The question may arise as to whether Solar Energy is cost-effective in India or not. A global study has suggested that India happens to be the most cost-effective Nation for generating Rooftop Solar Energy

The percentage of India’s energy is renewable is 152.36 GW, representing 38.56% of the overall installed Solar Power capacity as of January 2022, as per the report available.

Another question from a mass population angle Is whether Solar is cheaper than electricity or not. The International Energy Agency (IEA) concluded that in the World Solar Energy or Solar Power is now the cheapest electricity ever in history. Solar Technology is cheaper than other resources such as coal and gas. It is encouraging that Every State has Formulated Solar Energy Policy and striving hard to implement the Policy, as fast as possible