11 Reasons for Investing in Solar Power as against Electricity Cost


11 Reasons –

It goes without saying that across the globe. The importance and usage of Solar Energy are gaining high rocketing momentum, not as a buzzword or canvassing. In reality, there is no doubt that depletion of natural resources and continued increase in pollution,

Science and Technology is paying due importance to Renewable Energy as against Non-renewable energy. Which might go to barest of the bare availability within a few decades.

It also goes without saying that cost containment is the call of the day be it in Industry. Be it any type and size of Commercial, be it Institutional, and be it Residential. Cost per capita production or cost per capita consumption in all walks of life – where the cost of Electricity has an enormous negative contribution. Said or not said, it will continue to increase.

As a very healthy substitute, using endless Sun Ray in form of Solar Power has many fold benefits for the entire spectrum of human society to ensure smooth sustainability. At the same time converting solar power into Electrical Power has a cost and requires investment depending on the requirement.

The question arises to many as to why to invest in Solar systems. Here are a few bullet points (amongst many) as to why all strata of the society should invest in and go for solar.

  • Reduction in Overhead costs – going solar by companies both Industrial, Commercial can contribute to the top and bottom line of business
  • Institutions of any kind and type can save huge costs, compared to the cost of Grid Electricity
  • Residential Houses can have huge savings benefits which can add value in balancing the increasing price index
  • Reliability Power Supply  …
  • Least cost and Ease of Maintenance. …
  • Long-term value addition and savings. …
  • Eco-friendly
  • Good scope for CSR.
  • Homeowners can expect to save saving on their bills after going to solar, and that
  • Investing in solar energy is a no-brainer for homeowners.
  • Solar Systems once installed becomes your own property, whether it is connected to the grid or not, solar panels and solar energy will increase the resale value of your property.


Having said the above, appreciating the very fact that the cost of Electricity from DISCOMs will continue to increase in one form or the other, Solar Energy will continue to give solar power for centuries together. The only challenge is to convert solar energy into electric energy by the installation of Solar Systems which can give free electric power almost 80 % to 90% for about 25 to 27 years.