15 Points:

1. Location of the House, Factory, Cold Storage, Warehouse, Hotels, Motels, School, College, Shop. So and so forth where Solar system can be install

2. The total energy required per Electricity Construction is read with the Sanctioned load.

3. Feasibility study of the Project site by a Qualified Engineer in Solar Energy

4. Know the benefits of Solar system installation. Also, know the Return on Investment with benefits from RNS Solar.

5. Be clear on the durability of the Solar system which is 25-27 years from the date of installation

6. Enquire with RNS Solar what are the multiple ways and means of saving and earning after installing a solar system

7. Check with yourself and ask RNS Solar (info@rnssolar.com) – how savings and alternative investment opportunities are there once the Solar system is install

8. Many may not be aware of the solar system or knows little. Call the RNS Solar (+91 93319 32523 / +91 84438 94535) – they will make you conversant to decide proactively

9. If the one-time investment is an issue – check with Banks and they will be please to give you finance. If needed take assistance of the RNS Solar (info@rnssolar.com / +91 93319 32523)

10. ” One Rupee saved is One Rupee earn”. Consciously appreciate how much money can be save by GOING FOR SOLAR.

11. Have a solar system like a ready fruit-giving tree and get benefits for decades

12. The very need is to be open-mind for taking a conscious decision to Go for Solar

13. It is better to leave rumors and half knowledge. Consult professional RNS Solar to clear all the doubts and reap the benefits

14. Cardinal principle is GO FOR SOLAR and Save Money, Environment and build a sustainable future.

15. Essential principle to follow may be THINK TODAY FOR FUTURE and GO FOR SOLAR.