Go For Solar Now

As a matter of fact, cut-throat competition is being face by MSME Industries and Commercial Houses in the present business environment. The challenge has been further escalat by Covid 19 effects & impacts. Many MSME organizations are still struggling to overcome the same by adopting all available means.

The present write-up points out a very efficient and effective means to get add mileage to compete over the competition.

  1. In order to reduce the huge present cost of Electricity MSMEs can GO FO SOLAR
  2. Installation of Solar Systems involves a one-time investment but gives benefits of Electricity Cost Savings for not less than 25 Years
  3. The savings by way of almost eliminating Electricity costs can add value to the top and bottom line of business by reducing the cost of production to a very great extent.
  4. In addition, due to the lesser cost of production, the Companies can easily compete over completion, keeping the customers delighted.
  5.  Return on Investment on account of the installation of the Solar System ranges from Four to Five years.
  6. In cases, the Compares likes to avail Banking / NBFC loan facilities the ROI may go higher at best to six years.
  7. Cost saving on account of Electricity starts from day one of the Installation of the Solar System.
  8. Government has directives and a very positive approach to encourage MSMEs to GO FOR SOLAR.
  9. There are many Banks and Financial Institutions which are giving Loans & Advances for Roof Top and/or Ground Mounted Solar Systems in straightforward terms & conditions
  10. The  obvious  fact that the cost of electricity is bound to go high and high posing more and more challenges to the Companies
  11. It is therefore becoming imperative for the Companies to GO FOR SOLAR for survival and continued growth.
  12. Often avoiding a little investment challenge now. on account of investment on Solar System Installation, results into cost very high in near and all future ahead.
  13. If the proverb “ Survival of the Fittest” is true then the Companies should  Go for Solar now, before business threats go to a greater height continuously
  14. There are possibilities that those who will sooner Go for Solar, will be able to derive the benefits sooner.
  15. Change is only permanent and the Companies should accept the changes, while fossil oil costs are going high and the cost of production is also going high.
  16. Facing the one-time challenge of Investment in Solar might go a long way in assuring survival and continued growth in business.